5 thoughts for a Good Day

It’s more than just waking up and reading a positive email to have a good day, I know that. The words help, yes, but it’s in our actions and their results which show us proof that Mondays Are Good Days. Every Day, Good Days.

Act with these five intentions, today, and the proof will come: that Everyday is a Good Day, Mondays don’t technically exist, Hell - every day can be Friday if you make it so.

Life is fun!! and an incredibly weird and amazing experience. Always anticipate a good day, a happy tomorrow, and a beautiful life ahead.

  1. To move forward, you must make peace with the past: Your experiences are what give you wisdom. They’re your story. Your past, your journey, and what lead you here: own it. Talk about it, try to understand how it made you who you are in this world. Based on that, make your contribution, and continue to push yourself to be your best, better than before. And most important: anyone who judges you is a hater and clearly has not made peace with their own skeletons, move on & don’t let it bother you.

  2. It all builds: Your experiences, knowledge, investments. It adds layers to you, keep collecting the days and the moments to learn. Maybe you’re not exactly where you wish to be yet, or maybe you’re climbing up that metaphorical mountain right now in life - every step, every effort, it’s steep and you’re breathing heavy, but listen: every positive thought & attitude brings you higher and twists the energy of the universe in your favor: it all builds. As long as you’re putting in the work, honoring your highest self and then BEING that person: it will all come to you. Don’t lose the faith.

  3. Gratitude: No matter what’s happening, thankful that you are able to live, breath, experience this moment. And love that you have the ability to control what happens next, that’s the most fun part.

  4. Move your body and breathe: To clear your mind and to get out of your head!; to strengthen your mind, body, soul; get high on the oxygen of life; give thanks to your skeleton suit, show it you appreciate it.

  5. Be here to help & heal. Simple :)

Be sure to head into bed tonight, reflecting on these five intentions. See if you hit them all today and continue to carry their purposes into your everyday living ritual.

Happy Mondays Are Good Days :)


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