I sit and write my streams of consciousness sometimes. When I find the chance, I look back at my writing.

Sometime’s it makes no good sense - other times I find a theme in my writing, and then I edit, analyze and work with the wording to hopefully create something that is well written and makes you think.

As I get older, as adversities* are harder to avoid, as we mature and choose to hold ourselves to a certain moral standard: to be conscientious people who are aware of the world and who are trying to fight the corruption of it all.

As I become more conscious of our time and connections, I find myself writing and exploring the concepts of the past and the present.

I want you to spend some time with the poem. First, I hope it makes sense (lol1) but really, I hope you feel it’s vulnerability and it’s strength. Remember that no matter how dark and depressed the writing** starts, there are blank pages ahead and we can choose to write the rest of the story in tears or paint pictures with our smiles.

*adversity: difficulties, misfortunes

**”the writing” can be substituted for your thoughts, your days, your circumstances*

Time confuses me and the loss of my dad fills my head with complex and heavy thoughts every. single. day. I am trying to cope and not feel the burden every day, so I write and I express and I share. Despite the sadness, let’s be people who still choose to see the silver lining.


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