Changing the mindset to "Actually I can😤"

Hey you,

Let’s jump right into it, yeah?

Only one section here today so focus on the words and then leave your screen in a new perspective, with positive energy⚡️

Think about this with me:

You’re sitting across from someone… could be a friend, your family, a stranger…

And you tell them about something you want to do, something you’re excited about, something you dream of, something you just WANT for yourself.

Whatever it is, it could be related to work, fitness, a hobby, selling jewelry, getting a promotion, starting a freelance career, going on a solo trip to Europe, hiking the summit of a mountain, moving to a new city, biking 100 miles… you know what your thing is.

So you’re there, telling them all about it… and their response is: “No. You won’t be able to do that. You can’t do it. You’ll fail.”


If you’re like me (which you are, hi, that’s why you’re here) then someone telling you that you can’t or just hearing a “no” will make you so pissed.

Like, excuse me, who tf are you?! 🤬

So read this next line with me slowly…

You would be so mad if someone told you “you can’t” so why would you ever say that to yourself?

Sit with that…

You would be so mad if someone told you “you can’t” so why would you ever say that to yourself?

You would never accept that kind of response from a person, so why would you ever believe it coming from YOU?

You know it’s not the truth from them, so it’s not the truth from you.

We can be hard on ourselves and let Lower Self dominate the conversation… or we can be aware: when we hear those words and those thoughts, we stop them.

Full stop.🛑

Nope. Not today.✋

Just toss ‘em out the window, bye bye. And then fill that new space with “actually I can. and I will” THEN GO OUT AND DO THE DAMN THING.

No matter how big or small. No matter the daily committment or the 5 year plan.

Do not get in your own way today, this week or EVER! You have a beautiful life to live, my friend.

Don’t be that person sitting across… Don’t look at yourself through the mirror and think “nah… you can’t”

We will have none of that here at Mondays Are Good Days, thank you :)

Want to know the sure way to fail? To not even try.

Cliche? Maybe… The truth? Absolutely.

So apply it to the extra rep at the gym, the extra mile, the new venture you want to create. Apply it and see how you soar. 💫

And if someone does literally tell you “you can’t” this week, I would encourage you to just walk in the other direction :) End of discussion.

We don’t need unsupportive people in our lives. WE NEED EXCITEMENT. Sooooo, if you’re doing or thinking about something amazing this week I encourage you to reply back to this email & let me know so I can HYPE YOU UPPPPP.🔥

I’m really happy you came to read today :) Happy Mondays Are Good Days 💛



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