Are you sick of it?

Hellooooo 💛

Sometimes we just need a reminder:

that we are strong, capable, confident…

that we are making a bigger deal out of what is happening in reality…

that you have people rooting for you, believing in you, never doubting you for a second - you’re the only one questioning your abilities…

Every so often I take use space this Monday letter holds to remind you

of why you’re here

what this means

and who you are.

This phrase, this affirmation, this email was born from the awareness of the struggle: the lack of excitement of this day, the drag it has, and the stigma surrounding it.

But man… I am so bored of that age-old story, and you’re better than that.

I get it, no one wants to work. But we are no longer animals that spend our days scavenging for food… we are human and our power, our purpose has so much abundance… so we must do something. Something other than complain…

So we work, we go out, we indulge, and we enjoy. And you’re allowed to do all of that because of Mondays, because of the days we clock in the hours, because of all the opportunity life gives us on Wednesday, Sunday and Thursday…

Our souls must be social, our presence must persist…

we all have a job today, a role.

How will you perform?

A positive appearance by the one and only you?

Or will the curtain close behind rotten tomatoes?

Seriously, if you hate Mondays so much - it’s one of two things: time to find a new job or time to change your mindset.

Take action or be grateful. Don’t overcomplicate things.

If you love your job but dread the work you need to do today, maybe you’re not feeling very confident, I have an exercise for you:

Identify where you are feeling weak, where your concerns and anxiety are forming… then create a one sentence affirmation that creates a solution.

For example: Overwhelmed with the Monday to-do list?

Write it down at the top of your paper and say it in your head: “I cross duties off my list, I execute and deliver.”


Set yourself up, put on a timer for an hour then get started. Putting yourself in the right mindset, the Mondays Are Good Days mindset, supported by your own mind, supported by the power of words, will change everything.

If you need help with this exercise, send me a message with what you’re struggling with, and I’ll help you make personalize affirmations for whatever is going on :)

If you hate your job, here are some resources sent over from a newsletter I like to read myself everyMonday.

Time to take action. Your happiness and a job that supports that is out there, waiting for you to stop complaining and start moving.


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