Dancing While Crying - totally normal

Hello :)

The smiley face was a bit premature because it’s impossible to ignore some current realities, we all received horrible news on Thursday that definitely made the weekend, and is making today, hard to cope with.

Today’s message will not be all about this but it’s important to address these issues and the feelings hovering over this country.

And honestly, I’m so sick and tired of writing to you on Sunday night and needing to address another outrageous event. The fact that people who sit on high chairs believe they have the ability to control other people’s bodies is gut-wrenching and upsetting.

**sits with a moment of frustration**

Through it all, no matter what, we must still find peace… find the time to breathe… and turn our attention to our power and what we have control over.

My purpose here is not to give you links to fundraisers and articles with information, you can easily find all of that, it is to drop in with a little bit of light and pleasure.

Thanks for being here :) Let’s move on…

So today is my dad’s birthday. Everyone… on 3…

1, 2… 3

Happy Birthday Victoria’s Dad! :)

Some of you know that my dad passed away unexpectedly in November of 2019…

…the things I would do to bring him back, I don’t have enough space on this email.

And even when I sometimes hate the fact that I have to paint my own silver lining, hate that I have to just lean into the good times, all I have to be grateful for…

I give myself a moment to hate it, I feel that emotion, I give it space, I let it live. It’s allowed to be there.

and then I shift, and I make room for light… when I’m ready, when necessary.

Both can exist.


It is important to let yourself feel.

Allowing yourself to cry, to be vulnerable, to admit that you have been defeated…

and it’s important to let yourself feel the happy and enjoy yourself amidst it all.

and don’t judge yourself for feeling good when another area of the field is on fire.

Grief and sadness can look like dancing in your bedroom, before crying… after crying… or even while. It’s normal.

Happiness can and does exist alongside adversity

Take a moment to read that again

because so often we are consumed by the bad and that is the only flame we keep adding fire to…

it is absolutely crucial not to lose our light when the dark cave is starting to crumble around us… you need to keep that light on so you can climb out!

Find space for all of it, that is the healthiest way to cope. And then lean on, but maybe you need to first identify, what brings you joy.

So whatever you’re feeling today, whatever comes up throughout the hours, and whatever happens a few days into the week - take a moment with me now to be prepared for those shifts… to be strong and capable to make space for the emotions, to be open and aware that they will come… so that we can control how we respond, so we don’t judge ourselves or the feelings… so that we can always be at peace, whether we are crying or laughing.

Life is heavy, some days are better than others but you are more than capable of just coping, you are happy.

Take the necessary steps today and tomorrow, and so on, to make space for all of your emotions, feel the balance, and embrace our human life. Spread your peaceful heart to others so they can feel seen and valued, so you can add to their happy.

Happy Mondays Are Good Days 💛



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