Deciding what's next

There comes a point in our lives where things stop being “decided” for us.

Things like… where we were born, who our family is…

all of that is predetermined.

By-pass childhood memories, young trauma, and the foundations that made us…

and excluding uncontrollable circumstances and unexplainable happenings…

after this, everything else is left for you to decide and control.

Your mindset and how you respond to adversity decide everything else.

Every decision you make and every action you take controls how today and tomorrow will unfold.

To live a happy and fulfilled life, you must take all your daydreams and implement the steps to make that happen. Small incremental movements, compounding on one another to build a happy, beautiful life is the process.

Let me remind you that you will need confidence, persistence, and self-worth in order to put some real substance and elbow grease behind your actions to get this locomotive en route to your paradise.

*Remember that I’m in this with you - writing this, reading this, living this day - remembering that Mondays Are Good Days and there is so much damn power in this day, in this mindset.

I’ll need to harness confidence and self-worth today to control what happens next for my own circumstances. And I’m so grateful you’re here to help support me and give me all the good energy for what’s ahead!

So together, let’s live in our confidence. Let’s be persistent with our future goals. And let’s have the self-worth to know we deserve it all and it is only a short matter of time until we achieve it.

Rooting for you,

Victoria :)

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