Do you get paid for this?

Hello my Monday friend,

I recently talked about Mondays Are Good Days with a friend and he said, “Wait, so do you get paid to send out those emails?”

I said. “No.”

“So then… why do you write them?”

I started Mondays Are Good Days as a passion project. To share my writing, my art and my life with you and to motivate you to have a GOOD Monday. Typically the day that most dread - I want you to take it by its reins and dictate the day.

Also, Mondays Are Good Days is a community. A group of people (you, me and every one else who reads) who hold themselves accountable to waking up every Monday, declaring it a good day, and setting the tone for the rest of the week. Together, we all contribute to our own and each other’s good day.

We all practice positivity, lead with a grateful heart, and challenge ourselves to grow. Sometimes all we need is a little push to get going for the day, and I’m happy, and grateful, to be that motivating factor in your day. I believe in you!

Mondays Are Good Days gives me a platform to write on, to create on. Money is never the motive (but if you do want to buy some MAGD merchandise, by all means) - It's simply a place for me to explore my passions, think deeply, and connect with others.

And that is why I write them, simply because it is something I feel passion for and it is something that is my own, something I just enjoy doing.

Today, I encourage you to work on something you are passionate about, nothing that pays you in money. Money will not grant you happiness. To find this passion, you may need to think deeply to realize it, that’s okay. Take your time, no pressure. Extra points if your project connects you with others, but do not feel “wrong” if your passion thrives in solitude.

Let’s see what else we have for today. I wrote a bunch of random poems & thoughts for you. Enjoy!

  1. Home

  2. Two American Thoughts

  3. Read a Book

  4. The Concrete Ground


Your body is your home.

Your house is not your home. Your country is not your home. Earth is not even your home.

Our bodies are our own earth. We live within ourselves. We are our own home.

We love the earth, we praise it for allowing us to live, to breathe, to be.

But once we recognize that we are no different than the earth: a system made of mountains, rivers, stars, galaxies, complexities… then we can see our body for its true depths and true magnificence - when we realize this, we can learn to handle it with respect.

To respect our home is to speak kindly to it, to recognize all its beauty. To appreciate even the imperfections.

To respect our home is to nourish it, with fresh air and with nutrition.

To respect our home is to love it, to take care of it.

To respect our home is to not let earthquakes and hurricanes leave us barren and broken. it is to rebuild and become stronger.

Our bodies are interbeings of nature: we grow, we change through the seasons, we strike like thunderstorms - we bloom like the flowers, we shine like the sun, we emulate a perfect ecosystem.

But remember that you are one ecosystem working alongside another - that other being a friend, a stranger, a person. Think of these others as your ecosystem’s flowers, soil, clouds - you cannot survive alone.

Remember at the beginning of this email I said, “Together, we all contribute to our own and each other’s good day.”

So today, respect your home. Love yourself.

And recognize another’s extraterrestrial space, respect it, recognize it, and work in unison. How can we exist without others?

Two American Thoughts


There are two types of American Culture:

  1. The American. Typically chooses to ignore the realities of our country because the sad truth never effected them. Supports Trump even though he doesn’t respect women or anyone with colored skin. Selfish, doesn’t realize there is no such thing as an American race and the country is made up of all NON-Americans.

  2. The open-minded, enlightened, morally conscious human that lives in America but wants to abolish all oppressive customs, culture and government. Typically likes to travel, appreciate others & their culture, and doesn’t like to introduce themselves as American because they are embarrassed of the 400 year sad-truth this country is founded on. BUT they are committed to educating themselves & others, dedicated to exposing the hypocrisy of our reality, and they refuse to rest until there is a CHANGE.

Be #2.


Anyone else think “race” is just an oppressive concept?

Think about it: you have nationality (where you were born, where you are a citizen) and then you have your ethnicity (where your ancestors are from, which country your facial, skin and other physical features represent)

Race: The color of your skin

Wouldn’t your ethnicity tell you about the physicalities of your “race?”

Devils advocate: Ok, choosing a certain ethnicity isn’t going to say “I have white skin.” or “I have Black skin.” because some ethnicities have different colored skin based on which geological region you are from, but WHAT DOES THAT MATTER?

Why do we need to get so specific about skin color?

“Race:” Black, White, Yellow, Brown (African, American/European, Asian, Indian/Middle Eastern)

Ethnicity: Indian, Japanese, Portuguese, Nigerian

It’s the same thing. Not to mention, when getting to know someone, you don’t ask them “what’s your race?” you say, “what’s your ethnicity?”

I am fully convinced that “Race” was constructed as an oppressive term to identify someone’s skin color and then discriminate or judge them based on their answer.

Today, AND EVERY DAY, I am, not only encouraging but TELLING YOU to judge people based on their morals, their thinking, their speech and their integrity. Not by the oppressive terms and propaganda the white men with money used to brainwash

Does anyone have similar thoughts? Or does someone want to discuss on this idea? Reply directly back to this email!

Read A Book

We can all gain knowledge by entertaining a hobby, a concept, a thought…

But those that do not read, or do not write, and do not express…

fail to possess the most liberating and enlightening educational tools of our time.

No, not the internet. Although there is no debate that this power engine is factual freedom.

But I’d hate to see you only live in the technology age of our time.

Back to basics - challenge yourself and read a book.

Stop scrolling, start writing. The constant intake of content will drive you mad. Instead -

let your complexities exit. Write them down.

Your thumb and wrist are tired. Let the pen do the work.

Focus on concentration, on expression. 

You will feel a release.

You won’t feel that tension any longer.


If you are worried about what to do after I encouraged you to do something you’re passionate about, one that pays you in happiness but leaves you monetarily impoverished, might I remind you that there will never be a bad time to read a book, write your thoughts down or write a creative prompt, or find a way to express yourself.

Your passion could be finding ways to take good care of yourself. Reading, exercising, doing puzzles or walking around the neighborhood taking photos of the randomness of the times are all ways to take care, release internal tension, and practice a passion.

Laying on the concrete ground
for an unknown amount of time
will bring you
alignment & clarity
you never felt before. 
If you knew me in real life, you’d know how often I lay flat on the floor and how often I encourage my loved ones to do the same.
Think internally. Let the tension in your back decompress as you lay flat on your back.
Enjoy. You will feel so nice after you do this for 10 minutes. Feel free to stretch your legs and arms while in this position, but definitely spend continuous minutes just laying… flat… and breathing.

To the reader:

I’m working really hard to give the world something. To do something purposeful. To build something of my own, using all of my own “soul effort.”

I want to create something good.

I simply think that while respecting, encouraging and understanding others, while simultaneously learning about ourselves, keeping an open mind, and believing in the good “things,” we can make simple and positive change.

So do I want to change the world?

Maybe, but let’s start with brightening your day.

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