5 of my favorite adidas Ultra Boost #sneakerblog

If you know me, or you are a veteran to #MondaysAreGoodDays, you know I think shoes are so important (they also happened to be my favorite part of an outfit).

In its prime, adidas Ultra boosts broke the internet on several occasions and developed a cult-like, absolutely obsessed "adidas or die" fan club.

To this day, people look at me funny when I answer the question, "So what made you want to drop out of graduate school and start your own business?" with "adidas."

adidas Ultra Boosts were revolutionary in my own sneaker game as I felt so mentally connected and physically supported by the brand as a whole. And that's why anything adidas automatically has my #approval.

Here are five of my favorite adidas ultra boost:


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These ones are my first favorites! Grey with a pink stripe accent. Casual and a strike of confidence.



adidas Ultra Boost X Reigning Champ. These are so stylish and crisp! The suede on the cage gives it a sophisticated look. 

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Adidas ultraboost

adidas Ultra Boost all black - Perfect for laying low in the shadows


Adidas ultraboost

adidas Ultra Boost colorful - For when you want to be extra expressive 


Adidas ultra boost laceless

adidas laceless Ultra Boost - Sleek and go with everything!

And that's my top five! Which one was your favorite?

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  • The colorful are my favorite! I always wished I got those. Ultraboost are my favorite sneakers.


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