Foods to Eat & Habits so You Stay Focused & Productive All Day Long

Helloo my good friend,

Last week a reader wrote in asking for tips/suggestions on what to eat throughout the day to stay focused & productive. In the past, I have actually used the words “I had a workout for breakfast” lol - so knowing I say things like that, I will give you some guidance on actual foods to eat in addition to other elements that can act in alignment with that food-fuel to help you stay focused & productive throughout your day.

And one disclosure before I jump in: I completely understand that workouts before work cannot happen for everyone - so don’t be discouraged by my “workout for breakfast” comment and let me teach you some other ways to cultivate that feel-good energy to fuel you through your day.

Thanks for being here :)



I’m going to write out these “elements” in no particular order but will give suggestions as to when to use them.

Whole grains & protein: In order to stay on task, fueled, & focused through the working hours your body and mind must be satiated, satisfied.

About an hour or two after I wake up, I eat bread with grains/seeds, (or a croissant, sometimes), two or three eggs, and usually some goat cheese and avocado (season everything with Tajin). This combination of food is relatively bland - no syrups, no sugars, no processed meats, etc. and this ensures my stomach will not be upset or queasy, if that happened it would distract me from my tasks.

This meal, also most importantly, allows me to feel comfortably full. If I’m too full and try to do any work after, I feel foggy and unmotivated.

This sweet spot of not overindulging but also satiating my belly and my body is key to feeling energized for the next few hours ahead and it keeps me full for a long period of time so that I do not have to get up 2 hours later for a “snack.”

A cold shower + essential oils: If you need a surge of energy in the morning or in the middle of your day - this combo is it.

The cold shower zaps you with energy (also boosts your immune system) while simultaneously calming your nervous system as you breathe in the discomfort.

Add in essential oils (I usually implement these using my favorite soaps I’ve talked about many times) to help you find peace and clarity before you move on to your next task for the day and you are bound to be productive for the next few hours.

You are clean, you are calm, you are energized.

And don’t think I’m a crazy person - I always start off with warm/hot showers and then at the last minute, I end with cold. Do your research, the science on cold showers is there. If you don’t have time for a shower - make sure the water from the sink is FREEZING, then splash your face multiple times.

Movement: As I said, sometimes I do do the whole “a workout for breakfast” - if I have time or if I know something very important is happening that day and I need to be AWAKE, fully awake.

I love a morning workout, truly.

At minimum, I always stretch the arches in my feet, my wrists, my hips, and open up my chest everymorning to feel clear & energized.

Movement is another element that can keep you fueled and productive all daylong.

Continuing to sit in your chair, clouded with brain fog, stuck on a problem or idea will not help the situation. You need to move around, get your blood and the ideas flowing.

I have another saying “Yoga for my lunch break” or I take a walk during lunch - please, do not sit at your desk all day long.

Staying active, allowing your muscles to stretch, loosening up those tight shoulders and hips and getting your blood flowing is important to keeping your flow and staying productive.

I do Yoga with Zoe multiple times a week and I love HER and her teachings so much.

If you’re interested, I would be more than happy to treat YOU to a virtual class with her and I’ll coordinate and join in with you. Just reply back :)

Snacks: I try to stick to more of a “3-4 meals a day” diet rather than eating less meals and supplementing with snacks - but that’s just me.

IF I do need to snack, I stick to RX Bars (so fricken’ good and ingredients are 10/10). Other “pick me up” snacks I enjoy are mangos, COLD coconut water, overnight oats, avocado toast (on toasted whole grain/seeded bread) Ginger Green Tea (this is my favorite brand ever), hot chocolate (here is my favorite brand - I think next week I’m going to dedicate MAGD to diving into gut health and why/how Hot Chocolate is so good for you) or, of course, a mid-day latte or cappuccino (always on a full-stomach)

I hope these tips help align your day and help you feel more energized and focused. I’m happy to answer any questions & I’m always on the other end of the screen if you want to send a message or feedback.

Happy Mondays Are Good Days :) Seize the day, my friend.

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