Get Clarity

Hey friend,

I'm going to start by pulling from my own needs:

I need this day to be clear, spacious and peaceful.


If you feel like me today, you have a few things going on in life, on your Monday.

You might be working through the reality of a decision you made. Trying to adjust, getting familiar, getting your feet on the ground...

Or you feel like the earth is spinning around your head & just doing tooooo much. Let's calm that together...

Maybe you're (I feel this way, too) not resting enough, mind always "on," thinking always

CHILLLLLLLL love, we need to relax that mind

Or possibly you're feeling lost, whatever the days go... no direction. Let's get clear.

However this Monday feels for you: I have some words.


And so does my friend Claire :) I want to share what she wrote to me yesterday when I was in need. Her words really helped me in my moment so I want to pass on these good words on to you.

She reminded me, "the good days don't happen from trying to make them that way... they naturally arise from the moments when your soul/heart is CLEAR. Focus on getting clear - the goodness will always come through from that place."

And she’s right. This Mondays can’t be a good days until our mind is set on peace.

Get clear and

Throw away the trash floating around your space brain...

Dust away the fog in your sight. Clean off the dirt covering the road, your path ahead…

Slice the knife through the story, erasing all that's written up in your head.

Goodness comes from a clear place, when you are at peace.

I read these words from Claire and let them process. Focus on getting clear.

It was about that time so I sat down to write Mondays Are Good Days to you. Figuring out how to get clear…

Specifically for me, yesterday, was a bit more to handle than one that would've been a regular, hang-out Sunday. So when I sat down to say whats up to you :), nothing came out of me.

I went back to Claire's words. Sat with them on the screen then took notice to the cotton candy sky in the corner of my eye. I gave it more attention: The sun was setting, it was a breezy 7pm, clouds were fluffy and painted by an artist. I thought to myself: "I need to get clear."

I shut my laptop, put on my adidas, grabbed a sweatshirt, snuck a headphone in my ear, and chased that sunset.


I literally took 10 steps outside and I immediately thought "Wow. This is exactly what I needed. I'm about to love this walk. This music is good. I am inviting this clear air into me and I will have clarity. This will be fun."

Despite all that was happening in my head, emotions being felt, all the work and stuff to be done…whatever the story… This movement will help me be clear.

I felt even more alive in that moment.

And in this moment, as you read here with me, we both take a breath together to live in peace. And as you move on with your day, I want you to prioritize your self-CLARITY.

Walks, outside time, breathing fresh air... it must be a part of your everyday living. I'm here to spread good things into your life to help you be BETTTERRRR so trust me on the "if you feel like you can't put your feet on the grass... go walk to some." You will get GROUNDED and you will become CLEAR. (Learn more about this exercise called Grounding.)

And don't just end tomorrow. Add walks and time with your feet on the ground as a piece of your EVERYDAY. Have it become your ritual. I have many of them: the hot chocolates you see me drink, the stretching I do, the dance parties I have... all of that is my ritual. And it makes life sooooOoOoOOoo much BETTER.

Keep your feet on the ground today my good friend :) Life can easily spin out of control but today is PEACE.

Today is peace.

Let me know how your day goes :) reply back if you wanna shareeee

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