highs, lows, ebbs, flows

Oh hi :)

It's been a bit since I've written to you... 

I always feel guilty if I don’t write you at least a little something every Monday, but in the same breath, I try to be patient with myself and remember that you understand if some time passes in between our conversations.
You’re a good friend :D and oh yeah! let me first wish you a Mondays Are Good Days :)
I want to make my lack of writing for the past few weeks the focus and lesson for today.
Because instead of getting angry at myself for not producing, for not getting it done, for not completing every single thing I want to do (out of the millions of things)…

Instead of adding more pressure to myself with negative self-talk or feeling upset for not meeting my expectations…

Instead, I zoom out,
bird’s eye view of the situation
to better understand where I am.
I zoom out and remind myself that the first step to winning in life is to understand that there are always ebbs and flows to our journey.
However you want to put it: ride the wave, hills and valleys, the ups and downs - they are reliable facts to life.

And once you accept this fact, observe if you are in a high or in a low, if you are in more of a producing/higher energy phase or in more of a consuming and listening phase. We can then use this information to our advantage to control the uncontrollable and nurture every moment in a positive way.

If you find yourself in a valley, it’s going to be way harder to climb that hill with a big boulder of negativity weighing on your back. Especially if you’re telling yourself you’re weak and incapable - which, as humans, we do quite often when in reality we are doing perfectly fine.

Remove the negative self-talk, substitute the time spent anxiously thinking with anything from deep breaths, to movement, to “this is the perfect opportunity to get out of town, to catch up on sleep, to enjoy some extra time with friends or family.”

Find the opportunity in the moment.

Understand that you are not weak or not doing enough during resting periods - simply, take advantage of them. We’re not meant to stay on top of the mountain all the time - there’s less oxygen there, you’ll probably get a sunburn, and there’s no shelter. You must come down.

You must find balance and accept it.

If you are high, already accept that a rest period will come. This is how we avoid burnout, how we overwhelm ourselves with “too much,” and how we avoid having a short threshold for being understanding and acting logically in a moment that requires it.

Be proud of yourself that you reached the summit, and be humble & healthy enough to accept the descend.

So, for me, I know a hustle moment will come soon and all the producing and external energy will come back to me. For now, I am doing more listening, more learning, and trying to better myself from the inside. This means it is sometimes impossible to be outward, to participate, to produce - and I accept that and don’t see that as weak or incapable.
One thing I learned is maybe I need to rearrange sending MAGD to you Monday morning (written Sunday night) and instead send it once our day is complete, to help check in with you, and to continue to drive for a good week ahead. (Maybe start expecting this.. lol)
I hope this message helps you feel better about the stage you’re in currently. If you’re high high high, store this message in an important folder in your brain. If we acquire tools, thoughts, and support and hold onto it, lean into it when the time comes, we’ll get through the lows faster and spend more time at the time.


I’d love to hear from you - so feel free to write back about how you’re feeling today or write some thoughts about today’s Mondays Are Good Days letter!
Love you verrrrry much,

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