How to Get Started (One Step at a Time)

Getting started is the hardest part. I am confident saying this to you. And this is reassuring because once you get started, the rest is easy.

But we can all agree that once we're 5 mins in, 30 minutes in, 1 hour in and then we are finally completed, it feels so good once you're finished.

I'm going to help you get motivated to get started. I have two different explanations and strategies for you. If the examples are relevant, great. If not, read between the lines and understand the concept of "getting started." Apply the workflow, get in the mindset, and start the race.

One Step in the Right Direction

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday so i spent the whole day in my PJ’s lounging around and the last thing i wanted to go was hit the gym… but after eating lotsssss of pizza the previous day, I knew i had to go.

I started at the very beginning. I remembered that big progress is a series of simple steps. so first i grabbed some of my favorite workout gear and changed out of my loungewear.

One step in the right direction.

Immediately, my mindset is starting shift.

Oooooo, I LOVE these leggings. What else do I need for my workout? Music.

In my workout leggings and top, I sat on my bed (because I was feeling lazy) and created a playlist of music to listen to while I work out.

If you want to get started earlier and skip the step of lounging around curating music, I'm going to share my playlist with you. 


Next thought: Hmmm, what sneakers do i want to wear for my workout today?

I only have two pairs to choose from. But picking which one matches the best with my outfit truly exhilarates me. Maybe I'm easy to please...

Shoes, on. Music, check.

Another step in the right direction.

Water bottle filled. Keys, headphones, wallet. Hop in the car. Drive to the gym.

I sit in the car and think "Wow, i really don’t want to go in there."

The picking out on outfit and curating a playlist made me excited but once I had to actually get moving, oof - I was not happy. 

But I'm here now. And how incredibly pathetic would I be if I just turned around and drove home? I would never. And neither would you. You show up. You commit.

So, I sat for another minute, complained in my head for a bit, and then told myself to shut up and grow up. I opened the car door and swiped into the gym.

Another step in the right direction.

You don't have to hit the ground and give me 20 the second you walk in. We're still taking it step by step. Some days the workout solely consists of a run, or I use the treadmill as a part of my workout, and other times i use it as a simple warm up.

Start with a warm up. Get acclimated to what's coming. Just like you took a step to put on your work out gear, and then another step out the door... take a couple steps to warm up your body and prepare your mindset to work hard.
how to get motivated

All I did was walk for ten minutes. No pressure to start running or walking faster at minute 5 or 8... just ten, easy walking minutes.

I used this ten minutes to make last minute additions to the playlist which was last step I needed to pushed me to the finish line.

After the ten minutes, my heart rate was increasing and a sweat was starting to pour.

Hmmm… let’s press play on this playlist. I'm excited to hear the music! 

I amped up the speed and starting jogging to the beat.

I can go faster than this…

After thirty minutes, I finished a sprint, walk, jog interval that left me feeling so PROUD and GRATEFUL that I decided to work out today.

And sometimes all I have time for is a 30 minute run... but I had time today and I was feeling great! I’m sweating like a giant beast… let's keep going! Time for a leg workout.

If you asked my sleepy head 2 hours prior if i thought I was sprinting and squatting today, I would've laughed.


I put on the gear

I laced up the sneakers

I opened the door

And I hit “start” on the treadmill

All I did was start with a couple steps…

the first step is always the hardest

The important lesson here is that if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the entire project, the entire workout, the entire whatever… just start. Start with step 1.

Every step in the process is crucial and just as important as the march that crosses the finish line!

Keep taking steps and don’t quit. Eventually.. you will get it done. And you will be proud.

Do not get so caught up in the whole “whole” of the project or the "entire" work out. Remember that nothing will not get done UNLESS YOU START. So start with the first step that will LEAD you to the finish line! Then the second... keep walking, keep moving forward.

I promise, once you get the ball rolling…. the rest will come so, so easy. 

There has never been a person who regretted a workout, who regretted starting a project, or who regretted taking the first steps to follow their dream. 

Go get ‘em!

One Step at a Time

I found this trick really helps me get started when I’m having trouble finding the motivation or the will to begin. Let’s start with identifying the task, then let’s get our tools & materials opened & ready... set yourself up for success and then... go do something else. Yes, that’s right. LEAVE IT ALONE. Remove yourself for 20 minutes... come back & then DIVE IN. Let me know what you think!



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