It's not just you

Let us take a moment here, together, today, for the souls, lost and alive, that made and make our days so beautiful.

We are only just a sum of our experiences, things and those who inspire us, we are what our environment supports.

Most days we walk our own path, taking credit for how we got here, the work we put in, these are my goals and dreams, this is my life.

But there is no life without the aliveness of others.

Today’s message is short: once we close out here, take a few moments to sit in silence, in gratitude, for the people (and pets) who make our lives so fulfilled and special. No one is ever alone…

Times might feel lonely, but you are never alone - and life is a cycle of beautiful relationships and moments of bliss.

And remember it is not always just friends… it can be those we work with, sometimes someone we pay, people we meet through an experience…

that are so important to our well-being and growth.

And just like how you are so grateful for others… remember they are grateful for you too, and you are so special to them and to the world.

Now is your moment to take some time to put love and gratitude to all the souls that light up your life: their physical bodies still here on earth or not. Spread love today by taking time to appreciate and understand those who make up your life and your own aliveness.

Step out into the world and all of your conversations today knowing we are experience life in our human suits, and what an incredible blessing and magical existence this is.

Quick reminder to move your body today… unless you can truly tell me “I should rest today” - get up. Stretch at minimum… foam roll, move your legs, get the blood flowing, pump up that heart rate.


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