I lay on my back and I think for awhile… 

Thinking thoughts about what I’m thinking about. 

Asking questions, 

Analyzing for answers.

I look for “ways I’m feeling,” and “why I’m thinking like this…”

One thing I always scan for is jealousy in my thoughts. And OH BOY do I shut those thoughts down QUICK! 

Jealousy is an emotion that will hold you back. When you act out of jealousy or compare yourself with spite, you live your life with the devil’s leash tight around your neck.  

Try being happy in hell.

You won’t.

 You will be happy when you are happy for all. 

 “Good for you.” 

“Glad to see you doing well.” 

Say it genuinely. 

The happiest people are the least jealous. Actually, the happiest people aren’t even an ounce jealous. They understand different circumstances, different sacrifices, and they accept that we all live different paths. They know that spreading happiness, encouraging others and applauding an accomplishment will never hurt their own success.

What a silly thought to have - to think that being happy for someone else will mean there’s less to go around for you.

If you find yourself comparing yourself to others, use that conjured energy to focus on YOURSELF and your better being. 


You will get NOWHERE sulking in your sadness. And guess what, I won’t feel bad for you. And neither will the universe.

The universe will see you - your pessimistic, jealous self and she will let you sit there, burning in your self pity, going nowhere. 

The universe rewards a lover. Ever heard of something called karma? 

When thoughts come out of jealousy, they are always evil. And they only exist because you allow them to. Look for them in your thinking, in your feeling. Jealousy is a heavy emotion to bare. You will feel lighter and happier without it. 

When you are overthinking, crying, hating…

Analyze your thoughts for jealousy.

It’s okay to admit that you found one - we’re not perfect - what matters is that once you recognize the jealousy, you replace the thought and channel that energy elsewhere.

We should always analyze our negative thoughts for a jealous attitude and then change that behavior.

Jealousy is an ugly trait and you are BEAUTIFUL. Be happy here, instead of in hell. 

You will never win when you put down others.

When you know you are great, you have no reason to hate.


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