Making your point & your purpose

Hi my sweet friend,

Some weeks I like to keep the message simple by revisting the purpose of Mondays Are Good Days. Taking a few minutes to think on its purpose and understand how it can help us today.

Some stoic philosopher might write some aphorism (a short formulation of truth or sentiment) about it like: The lesson is in the message.

*If you read along last week: I am still reading strong, holding myself accountable to a few 20-30 pages a week. It helps my head, relaxes me, I always feel better after doing it and it makes me feel smart.

Have you read any pages recently? It will be good for you :)

Okkkk… back to the point.

I’m choosing today to revisit our purpose because I’ve felt stuck in spinning headspace of thoughts not really feeling like I actually **know * anything, feeling no direction and things are just floating passed me…

(Mondays are for vulnerability too :D)

and when that feeling lingers too long, the drag of living that same story builds up and slaps me - I’m awake. Let’s not fall asleep into the lullaby of safety and comfort, picking to do what’s easy.

Instead let’s restart and reset, and go where we know.

Mondays Are Good Days :)

When we keep these words with us, we live in the present. That is where happiness comes from. Today :) Now :) illuminating from this typed little message.

Words hold power. The tone and the syntax we chose frames our situation and controls what happens next.

There’s a difference between a “Mondays Don’t Suck” email and a letter reminding you of the Good in Today.

Let me remind & reassure you that you have complete control. Speak up and think it here. You are safe.

The future, it can be scary and harder to get a hold of,

so I encourage you to focus on today: you will feel better because you’re perfectly in control of how it all goes.

Choose to move forward after this moment with a solid but also fun kind of Stoic-like: I got this bitch attitude. The energy surrounding a new year coming, the power of 2022 is real.

Keep writing out your goals, what needs to be done, stick to the tasks, get it done and reward will come - put in the work. Manifesting works, tap into the magic of living in pursuit of what you’re wishing for most.

A Mondays Are Good Days attitude will keep your chin up. It’s important.

Feel motivated & excited to be up today. I am… so join me :)

I also want to check in with you from my message last week: Did you book an appointment like I tolddddd ya to?

Checking in again this week to make sure you’re doing those dumb simple tasks we put off forever!


I love hearing if this letter spoke to you or helped your day along. Don’t be shy to write back and share your thoughts… remember small kind actions make big differences and I love it so much anytime someone writes in & shares their thoughts :)

Mondays Are Good Days Mugs & Stickers: Surround yourself with the mindset, watch your world transform!

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