Meet Me Halfway

I left you with an empty inbox for the last two weeks. 

Usually, when you don’t hear from me, it’s because I’ve been living more in the other realm of our existence - real life, disconnected from the internet.

I receive replies: “Wishing you well!” & “Hope everything is okay!” when I send out “Sorry, no Mondays Are Good Days today.” You guys are sweet, and the concern is noted & appreciated.

But usually the reality of not writing to you is nothing chaotic, it’s simply that I need a little break.

And behind the screen, I can guarantee that my notebook is still filled with transcriptions of my consciousness and that I am still holding myself to the “Monday” thinking, even without me explicitly writing it out to you. 

Last week, I took a break and went on a trip to the coast. 

The pace and patience of this place allowed me to breathe and think deeply. The abundance of nature and greens brought me back to an understanding of our simplicity, and our ability to feed off the energy of plants, food, and the space and the people around us. And then to use this energy to help us live happier, better, beautiful lives.

I thought about how our Monday relationship is a beautiful thing. And I thank you for waking up with me, for spending a few moments with me Here, with these words that you, myself and all of Mondays Are Good Days sits with, enjoys and absorbs today. 

Thank you for committing to this with me: 

The mindset that today is a new day and new opportunity of adventure and experience - no matter if our day is composed of many “to-do’s” or if we’re taking off, starting a new adventure and setting out to complete a new goal.

The thinking that at the end of the day, you are grateful that you are alive and that you can give love, make a change, smile and have the opportunity of tomorrow. 

The perspective that life is more fun when you love vegetables, and cappuccinos make you happy. (Substitute cappuccinos for whatever your guilty pleasure is, but vegetables are standard in living a happy life - no substitutions there.)

The love for living in the present, the right now.

The commitment to being someone that cares and loves yourself so much that, every day, you choose to be the bigger person, you choose to be patient, you choose to not let any circumstance or any hateful energies disturb your peace or interrupt your magic.

I think Thank Yous are important, so I must make mine known.

My gratitude for your subscription to Mondays Are Good Days, for actually wanting it, and for holding yourself accountable to the fresh starts and happy days, not only on Mondays but every damn day of your life - is nothing I can type into words.

And it is something you should be so damn proud of.

Look at you! Bettering yourself, loving life, thinking positively. It’s so nice to see.

I hope you hear me when I say that life is good. You are okay. And you can be at peace… as long as you meet the universe halfway and you believe.

For today’s Mondays Are Good Days, I put together some ways you can “meet life halfway.”

I just thought of the song Rosana by TOTO; I love the lyrics “Meet me all the way.” I find the phrase so… dense with meaning and passion.

Here are actions you can take and things you can choose to work on and be mindful of this week.

Below are beautiful photos of the Oregon coast. I hope they make you wonder, encourage you to love the rock we live on, and remind you to nourish yourself with self love, deep thoughts, and important relationships.

Have a powerful rest of your week!

Sometimes I’m too sweet in my writing, because in real life I say things like “Fuck anyone who makes you feel sad and unsure of yourself.”

You need to be a person that examines your relationships.

If drama and sadness and chaos is following you, look at who is in your life and what people are saying to you and how you feel after hanging out with them. Are you inspired? Bored? Self-conscious?

There are people that will make you feel happy and supported. And there are others that will do the opposite.

The opposites are not your people, Keep them away.

Sometimes, we outgrow people. Someone we were once close with may no longer serve a happy, supportive purpose in our lives. It’s okay. There are better relationships for you out there, and if you keep holding on to the toxic ones, you won’t see and be ready to accept new ones.

Remember too that not everyone is going to like you.

It’s fine. Accept, move on. 

Recognize that some people are not worthy of your energy, they hold you back, and your energies do not align - wish them well, make your peace, and carry on.

I’m constantly thinking “What can I do while I wait?”

The simplest example being: When I start up my computer in the morning and I know it needs a few minutes to wake up. Instead stressing out my computer by logging on immediately and opening up huge files, web pages and applications, I use this time to go and get a glass of water.

We both win. Little wins. My computer is calm and ready for me, and so is my body.

I have my water, now my computer is ready, and I’m good to go.

Think about these little moments where you can help out your life a little. In the moments that you are just sitting there, what can you do? Scrolling on social media isn’t the answer.

Can you send an email? Call your grandma? Clean the dishes? Write? Throw in the laundry? Run an errand? Do 10 push ups? Apply to one more job? Reread an extra time?


 Ever think about how other animals live their lives without the ability to make an autonomous decision? They just… live in forests or under the ground, and they live, eat, survive every day.

Have you thought about how we have the ability to recognize a thought in our mind and lean over to our friends and say, “I just had a random thought… Ever think about…?”

We’re allowed to decide where we want to go and what we want to be. We can contemplate and question life and the universe… just simply wondering. Ever think about that?


If not, you should.

I truly believe we are magic. We have the ability to recognize our own thoughts, declare our own truths and intentionally formulate ideas and mantras.

Remember, Mondays Are Good Days.

Our evolution allows us to frame and create our own realities. We can produce art, sing along to music, pick up a pen to write; we can decide how we will react and we can control our thoughts - I think it’s amazing.

And maybe I live in a little bit of a La La Land because there might be truth that we aren’t so special and life isn’t so happy - or maybe that’s completely pessismistic? What do you think about that?

Do a little deeper thinking today, just lay on the ground and wonder - it’s fun to think about the universe.

“You have a good way of turning everything into a positive.”

Be a person someone wants to say this to.

Be a light, be a “thank you” person, be patient and kind. Offer your love and offer your support to others.

Work on being compassionate and erasing your ego.

It’s something I work on every day and it’s not easy, but the more we try and more serious we are about becoming someone who realizes the most beautiful thing we have is our ability to connect with someone else and show them love, affection and support, the faster your own happiness will come.

One easy way to work on diminishing your ego is to simply focusing on saying less and listening more.

I’m a talker. I can talk, talk, talk. I love to talk. I love to share my stories and offer my opinion.

But sometimes I just need to shut up. And maybe you do, too.

Work on it.

I believe we are good and life is fun.

Despite the sadness and struggles, I truly believe life is special and sacred.

So please, just have fun.

See every day as a new adventure, laugh with friends, release your tension, and let things slide off your back.

Be excited and have lots of energy!

Even if someone is being annoying, even if they are rude and impatient. Remember you are not. Remember you add importance and life, and light, to the world.

Be there for others as you hope and wish for them to for you.

Be the person that walks in happy, that sees the bright side and that throws up the shaka after “little wins.”

Happy Monday ♥️


To the reader:

I’m working really hard to give the world something. To do something purposeful. To build something of my own, using all of my own “soul effort.”

I want to create something good.

I simply think that while respecting, encouraging and understanding others, while simultaneously learning about ourselves, keeping an open mind, and believing in the good “things,” we can make simple and positive change.

So do I want to change the world?

Maybe, but let’s start with brightening your day.
























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