Morning Yoga Flow (advanced) + Breathing Exercise

If I need to wake up, if I need to disconnect from my thoughts - this flow helps. This one IS a challenge so it gives you no choice but to FOCUS. Be deliberate with every move and work hard to find the FLOW between your movements and your breathing.

Forget EVERYTHING else. Find your rhythm, focus on what your feeling in your muscles (you will FEEL it with this one). Peacefully move through this sequence 💛

Feel the stretch and channel the strength to keep working hard from INSIDE of you. Call on it. Count on YOU. ⠀

THE SEQUENCE: Start in a high plank, hinge back to a downward dog, hinge forward back into the plank, bend legs and push your hips back, hinge forward, back into the downward dog, and then go into your dive push up. Lead with your forehead, keep your body TIGHT and make sure to EXHALE as you flow through. ⠀

Keep repeating the words of the flow in your head while breathing in and out with every single movement. Aim for 5 reps at a time and complete 5 sets of this. ⠀

— I bought these new leggings from Nike (7/8 sculpt) and they are *perfection* I highly recommend — ⠀

Try this flow out and let me know how it goes :) perfect for waking your body up in the morning or perfect way to get the blood moving before you start a workout.



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