Music Makes Life Easy.

Some days we just want an easy Monday.

A simple Monday. One that involves some genuine “Good Mornings,” and a couple “to-do” tasks moved into “DONE✅” Maybe have a nice, therapeutic Car Concert on your drive to work this morning... I always count that as a win.

Well…Hey, good morning :) 

London phone booth flower bike

I heard you asked for an easy Monday.

Sometimes it’s tough, I get it. We all have to wake up today and get to work... basically the opposite of laying on the beach with a perfectly ripe mango in your hands with your eyes locked on a few impressive surfers who stand like Gods on a “It’s so BLUE!” wave.. which is obviously the more favorable, easier option.

Work isn’t the problem. 

The problem is that we’re not all on a beach right now!

I’m kidding. Focus, Victoria.

Let me introduce a thought: Music - Is there anything easier? 

I mean, all you have to do is listen.

Listen and feel. 

Feel happy. Feel relaxed. Feel clarity. Feel motivated and productive. 

Feel good.

Happiness, relaxation, clarity, motivation, and productivity… That all sounds great. But how can we make sure our Monday feels that way?


And guess an easy, fun, cheap way to get some of that all-natural, feel-good drug


Told you it was easy. Easy like a Monday morning. :)

Happiness: Let’s use music to “defeat the boring.”

Is it a drive to work or your last broadway performance of your Grammy Award-winning career? To me, you’re Beyonce.

Whenever I need to get myself into a more cheerful mind-state because, for whatever reason, I do not want to go to my destination, I turn the car ride into a car concert. My go-to is typically ABBA because I can’t not dance and not be happy while listening to Thank You For the Music or Angel Eyes. The drive, the train ride, the walk to the aforementioned undesired located is flooded with happiness because of MUSIC. And you know what? By the time I get there, I’m not so grumpy anymore.

Music triggers activity in the same part of the brain that releases dopamine, naturally making you feel happier :) Get to listening.

Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing. Thanks for all the joy they're bringing. Who can live without it? I ask in all honesty. What would life be? Without a song or a dance, what are we? So I say thank you the music, for giving it to me.

“The oldest part of your brain reacts first to music. It’s in charge of your emotions and reflexes. From there, music cascades to every region of the brain we know exists. And it goes right for your dopamine switch.”

Productivity: Music effectively makes the task less boring and increases alertness.

You see some mundane tasks to be performed (research, data entry, etc). I see the perfect opportunity to listen through Tracy Chapman’s 1988 album from beginning to finish about 4 times. Go grab the vinyl off the shelf.

There is a task that you have been putting off. The one that“needs to get done, but miraculously never gets done. It keeps getting pushed off to “tomorrow” and the one that keeps finding itself at the bottom of your “to-do” list.”


Today you wanted to feel productive. That’s one of the criteria for an easy Monday. 

Put on some music and complete the task. But not just complete the task, focus into the task. Give it your attention, work at it. Then complete it. It’s accomplished.

Feel proud of yourself for finally getting that done. Feel happy, feel productive. Feel that Easy Monday.

No worries if you’re not sure what to listen to, I’ve already put together a playlist for you so you can keep all your focus on this easy Monday. Keep reading to discover what you’ll be listening to today. I quickly dissect why I chose these songs and why their lyrics are inspiring, fun, and easy to listen to.

London house

Motivation: Sound body, sound mind.

We can pick up some dopamine once we press play. But where else can we get it? 


And what goes better than fitness and dopamine? 

I know.

Fitness, dopamine and music.

Music connects the mind, body and soul. And it is factually true that your heartbeat will change to mimic the music playing.

The moment your ears find their own musical heartbeat, your body wants to join in. Your first bit of dopamine is secreted and you’re already feeling GOOD. But now, you’re addicted. Time for the next fix. 

Time to MOVE. 

And what happens after we start moving? More dopamine.

More music. More dope. More fitness. More HAPPY.

Ah, we love a positive feedback cycle here at #MondaysAreGoodDays.

Not to mention fitness and exercise will help with productivity, clarity, and anxiety.

Get listening and get moving. This one is the easiest.

Relaxation: Music for Anxiety.

Music has the ability to send you into a headspace where you can decrease your tensions, break your worries and destress from struggles — as long as you choose your rhythm correctly.

I spent a lot of time researching while writing today’s email, and I learned about this one special track, created by sound therapists, that has proven to help to lower anxiety levels by “up to 65 percent.” I’m going to give it a shot. Maybe you can try it out, too. After reading over 10 articles promoting this soundtrack under the Google Search, “Music and Anxiety,” I think it’s worth exploring if you’re struggling today.

But music is not just the sounds. It’s the lyrics too. Lyrics allow you to connect real-life experience to poetic melodies. Listening to the language helps you relate, understand, and find clarity about past anxious times. There is a saying, “music is the ultimate form of empathy.” Let the music validate your feelings, it will let you know you’re not alone. 

You do not have to listen to “happy” music if you feel the opposite. Relax your body and listen to relaxing rhythms. 

Here you go:

Music therapy is in a ground-breaking time and not only is it used to treat stress, illness and behavioral problems but it’s also used to help people speak again. Read up on this woman who lost her ability to speak after a stroke. This woman learned to “speak in “music” and then eventually was able to eliminate the musical components and learned to speak again. Amazing. And if you’re really interested, read up on the woman who was shot and lost all of her speech brain functions but then learned to speak again after using music therapy.


Today I’m listening to The Bleachers, a phenomenal indie-pop band. I won’t explain much, but I will tell you that the beats and the lyrics written by these guys always make me feel. Just turn on the playlist and jump in your car or start your mundane project, okay?

All My Heroes
All My Heroes is about how the world can disappoint you, and yet, in the strangest way, that gives you the power to do better. Continue to do better.

I wanna get better
I didn't know I was broken 'til I wanted to change
I wanna get better

The Bleachers speak of moving from the darkness into the light and realizing that if you dwell in the past, then you cannot have a happy future.

Not to mention the guitar solo towards the end of this song is amazing.

Wake Me
Right from the start I knew
You'd set a fire in me
And I'd rather be sad with you
Than anywhere away from you

Now I'm running and I won't stop I don't wanna go
I think about it everyday and night I can't let go
And hey, I'm never the same
It's a hundred miles an hour on a dirt road running away

This song talks about the wild parts of life. When you first met your lover, when you went on that trip, when you achieved something great. It speaks of them nostalgically, but remember there are an infinite number of amazing moments ahead of us.

We’re at the end and I promised you the playlist. 


Every day we wake up and start all over. From the moment you wake up, the decisions you make dictate how your day will start out okay. And today, I think you should decide to intentionally listen to music to grant you some clarity and to help you feel productive and motivated.

I know podcasts are a big thing nowadays, but when I’m driving, when I’m stressed, when I need *a moment* all I want to do is listen to a good song.

Music is one thing I can always count on. There is nothing like the instruments hitting their notes, sending sound waves into your eardrums, and then radiating their impact to your heart.


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