Music to our Advantage

Hello :)

I recently had a request for a Mondays Are Good Days playlist. I used to do this often… and I used to write Monday letters to you solely about the power of music, how we can use it to become so happy and how to use it to forget about the chaos and conflict that is overwhelming us.

I know there are days where everything is going wrong, or we are grieving, hurting inside, shocked from something that happened, or we are feeling super sensitive because of someone or something that was said…

In the moments when I feel like this,

I still put on tunes.

I think it is kind of weird sometimes how I can feel so sad yet I put on certain songs and I can still sway my arms and head side to side and happily sing out the lyrics. That’s how the power of music.

There are only a few moments in my life where I can catch myself moving around in complete silence…

But typically music is always there, cheering me on, helping me be happy, singing me a tune.

I made you a playlist of some of my favorite recent songs, and i added a few that are just my “go-to’s” for a good dance along or something to get me through a task at my desk.

Become aware to that fact that there is SO MUCH going on in our lives and so much stimuli that is distracting us, restricting us from relaxing, and making it unable to see the simple happy things. And there is nothing wrong with you if you’re having trouble seeing all the good things; I believe it: Life is tough.

But do not let the external circumstances take control of your peace. Of course, you will still have to step up and do the job or complete the task, but if you’re not at peace FIRST, you will fall down the rabbit hole.

You remember… this is something I liked to call a negative feedback cycle.

So trust me, even if you’re not feeling like listening to the tunes today, put on your favorite song and give yourself a performance…

or take a listen to these songs, knowing I’m here and the whole Mondays Are Good Days is listening and experiencing the good vibes this morning.

We want to always combat the chaos with our positive mindset. That’s how we win.

You’re a winner.

Let me know if you love any of the songs :)



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