Nothing's normal

Hello my sweet friend.

Happy you’re here :)

I’ve been thinking…

You know the phrase “choose your words carefully” right?

We usually say this when the situation involves another person or we want to make sure we’re speaking correctly and clearly… but let’s go further and apply this lesson to the words we use to describe our life and things that happen in our day to day.

What we first need to understand is that the way we speak & the language we choose to use to describe an event/situation/a feeling can actually add elements, emotions, and insecurities that aren’t actually there.

Let me explain more.

I want to focus on the internal question we usually ask ourselves when we, for examples, start hanging out with someone new or start wondering whether our path in life or our latest venture is right or not - we usually ask ourselves something like “Is this normal?”

What I want to bring to your mind is using that wording, creating the story that there are true, “normal” expectations to what is happening to you ultimately adds the pressures & expectations of other’s to your situation.

And let me tell you: there is no need compare your life to someone else’s version of what happiness looks like or their opinions and what works for them to your situation.

We can make life or an inconvenient moment or a new phase easier to digest, to reflect on, to be more present and happy with when we are instead asking, “Will this/Does this work for me?”

This language is different than “is this normal” because this creates a story that brings you more inward and more present, to your true soul’s feeling. You become more in tune to what feels right at your core and what will bring you happiness, fulfillment, and direction.

Today, I want to focus on a Mondays Are Good Days mindset and an intention that says:

“I pay attention to what feels good and I lean into that. I want happiness for myself, and I live for me. I can feel pressure and I can understand why the majority thinks about this normalcy - but that’s just for them. I will not live anything less true than what I deserve and who I decide to be.”

I’m encouraging you to choose your wording purposely today. Be less dramatic about an inconvenience, verbalize the silver linings, be careful and be in tune to your word choice and how you frame it all.

Change your language from “is this normal?” to “is this working for me?”

Apply it to what ever is bugging you or what ever you feel like thinking deeply about today. Notice what you’re saying about the situation that’s creating a story that isn’t actually there. Then, change your language to eliminate all external pressure that will make you feel more anxious or push you to make decisions only to satisfy others and not yourself.

Take care and remember you deserve to be happy every day. Enjoy :)


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