Our Monday

Hello my Monday friend,

With no heads up, I did not send out a Mondays Are Good Days letter to you last week. But it was not my time to speak or divert your energy away from what is going on on the outside of your computer screen. 

This week, I still don’t believe it is my time to talk. And anyway, my energy level, my mental state and what I can offer you right now is not up to Mondays Are Good Days standard. 

I so desperately need this Monday to be exactly what a Monday is: A fresh start, an excuse to renounce the difficult past fews days or weeks, and a way to reorganize and restructure my workflow and my mindset. Which is why instead of writing to you to tell you how to be today or what to embody and work on today, I will use this energy to take care of my Monday.

And dude, I’m sure you need to, too. So I’m encouraging you to do the same. 

I could push and motivate myself to write to you - but one thing we often talk about here is listening closely to your internal, and if it’s telling you “no” then sometimes that’s simply the answer. 

The best part about our Monday relationship is that you just “get” it when I tell you I can’t say hello today. Every Monday message has a take away, a point and a theme to it, but in lesser intensity, it’s more of a public diary and I am grateful for our Monday relationship, thank you for allowing me to be so open with you. Thank you for coming back every Monday to talk with me and not minding when I take a moment. 

The state of the world and specifically the USA is intense.

I feel spread thin and stretched in every direction possible trying to manage the state of the world. It’s overwhelming and I can’t help but try to be an educator, a healer and a teacher - I mean, look at what Mondays Are Good Days is. 

And because I practice what I preach, at the same time I’m trying to educate myself. So, the overstimulation of what to read, what to watch, and what to learn has me neglecting not only my own self care but also Mondays Are Good Days. (I’m sorry.) (And this is where I struggle with practicing what I preach because I’m not doing any self healing.)

You might feel the same as me when I say I am neglecting important aspects of my personal and work life that are making me feel out of touch and like I don’t have control or even an idea what to do, what to work on or where to go next.


So… *deep breath* ...Let’s reset. Let’s get back on track.

One thing I really want to do today is figure out what I want to accomplish each week for the rest of the month & the beginning of July, and what I want to see from myself for the next upcoming months. 

I will spend time with a paper and pen today (something I haven’t done in almost two weeks...hmmm, no wonder why I feel like I’m going crazy) and I want to manifest the foreseeable future. There are still uncertainties with COVID and what not, but that does not mean we can’t start a new adventure and successfully and safely reach our destination. (Shout out to my best friend who just packed her car and is road tripping across the U.S. and moving to Los Angeles). See, nothing stopped her goal and dream - and nothing will stop yours either. Roadblocks, maybe. But baby, pick a direct and keep driving.

No more floating along with time. 

As lovely as it is, I hate it when I hear the grandfather clock sing because it means my focus is shallow, easily distractible and barely interested. 

I want to dive deep and be deafed by the ringing at the bottom of the ocean; the pressure is suffocating me but the passion keeping me alive. Shut out from the songs on land and forgetting about the ticking time bomb mounted on the wall.

As I’ve already claimed today My Monday, it’s your turn to claim it yours.

And now it is ours.

At minimum, today we both will work out, we will get active, sweat a bit and replenish and nourish our bodies with love and healthy foods after. 

At the most, we will reallocate our energy into making sure we are sustainable and making sure we are not inching towards a burnout… which is, as I’m sure we both know, accompanied by sad thoughts and low motivation… We don’t want that. We’re started to feel that - let’s intercept and redirect.

We cannot change the world if we do not take care of ourselves. 

Remember that the fight and the need for us to educate ourselves on the history of the US and our duty to Black people is not over. We must shake up the system. 

Add “educate myself” to your goal list for the week and keep the movement strong. And make sure YOU stay strong for yourself and for your commitment and impact on this world.

I’ve written a few reminders for you to help get your day started. Bonus tip for #5: Listening to Fast Car on vinyl gives you extra happy points :) 

To the reader:

I’m working really hard to give the world something. To do something purposeful. To build something of my own, using all of my own “soul effort.”

I want to create something good.

I simply think that while respecting, encouraging and understanding others, while simultaneously learning about ourselves, keeping an open mind, and believing in the good “things,” we can make simple and positive change.

So do I want to change the world?

Maybe, but let’s start with brightening your day.

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