Overcoming barriers and doing it.

Ok - as you know I’m a huge fan of “little sayings.” Hence, Mondays Are Good Days. I love affirmations and the power that words hold to create momentum and reality.

My latest chatter is “we hate cardio but we did it.”

I am an active bean. Make me do push-ups, tell me to do a burpee, ask me to go on a hike - I’m there. But I really am the opposite of a cardio queen.

But, as mentioned, I’ll be a sitting duck after the procedure and it’s crucial I don’t do anything for a few weeks in order to heal correctly. So to offset the dayssss of sitting, I’m adjusting my fitness routine to less strength, more cardio - while also training myself to be more a cardio queen (as a Taurus, I’ll take every tiara 😇)

Anyway, to the point - I love this phrase and the power it holds. It’s pretty ironic.

Yeah, I’ll freakin’ admit it proudly how much I hate this thing but guess what? Hear how loud I scream when I declare it signed, sealed, delivered, done.

I chase being able to say “…but I did it” - and that’s all that matters. More power to ya if you did it and you struggle to!

We cannot let the fear, the hate, the negative emotions stop us from doing the thing that will make us grow, make us strong, make us feel ALIVE.

I’m on a roll taking cycling classes and have this obsession with dancing to music while I walk on the Stairmaster like I’m in a fashion show - they’re becoming my favorite thing to do. I love the sweat, and I love feeling my heartbeat strong.

Find the barrier in your today, find the barrier in your life - the thing you hate, the thing that drags, that thing you just don’t want to do. And just. freakin. do. it.

Travel plans, your work tasks, a new job, a conversation with a stranger, or a hard to have conversation with someone close, a first date, a new hang out, a new class, event or adventure.

Look at what’s holding you back straight in the eyes - identify it, don’t lie to yourself: listen to it, and let it take up some space. Then burst it like a balloon that you jumped on with both feet and popped. Now, it’s go time.

I cannnnot TELL YOU how many MONUMENTAL moments and changes that happened to me and my life because of one conversation, one decision, and one mindful moment to lean away from fear and laziness.

The best part is that there are no limits on how much abundance and momentum you can create for yourself when you lean in the opposite direction.

See you on the other side :)

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