Own Your Mantra

“Mondays Are Good Days” is many things: a newsletter, a pen pal service, a mindset… but first, it is a mantra, an affirmation.

Something that is deliberately said & spoken; it is believed to be true and it is implemented into your head, your day, your life.

Today I’m sending you some mantras (below); read through them and take what you need. Find one that resonates with you and follow it.

These words are relevant in my life in some way right now, and I’m sure they will help you through, too.

I’m passionate about spreading good words because the way we speak to ourselves is very important! Our mindset guides us, and when we set an intention that we trust, love, and support ourselves - the world can never fuck with us. Not anymore at least.

Simple sentences that are repeated, practiced, and believed make a real difference in your day. They support you, as do I, reminding you that your potential is infinite and you deserve the best.

Believe that the words you speak to your soul will guide and help you through.

Let’s focus today and our upcoming week around these following intentions.

You’re going to have such good days :) You got me, and the entire Mondays Are Good Days team rooting you on.

Stay accountable! Save these photos to your library and look back on them throughout the week.

Here is the link to download these graphics :)

Go crazy and post on social and tag meeeee :)!!!



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