Recovery & lessons learned

Helllllooooo :)

Happy Mondays Are Good Days to you, my friend. I want to start this letter by sending some love & good energy for an easy day ahead for you.

I have a simple message for today and it stems from my current personal life happenings. If you saw on Instagram last week, I was preparing for surgery (which I’m currently recovering from for the next few weeks).

The anxiety I was having a few days before was pretty extreme. After researching the internet for information to try and calm my nerves and finding nothing, I reached out to my community.

I spoke to friends, family and put up an Instagram story asking for supportive words and any information to help me feel better.

The number of stories and “don’t worries” literally melted my anesthesia anxiety away. In the beginning, I was just trying to lean on my people… but after all the responses, I realized a bigger lesson: there is never a moment where we need to be strong alone.

Sharing stories, vulnerabilities, and simply communicating feelings not only makes a heavy situation lighter but the act of venting and explaining our anxieties can make everything easier.

And I know that there are times in life when words can’t help: you have nothing to say and no words can help… but that is not the kind of situation I am talking about today.

Today I’m telling you to ask for help, share your story, and communicate your feelings so that you are not alone. Let your peers, managers, friends, family better understand what is going on so they can support your needs.

Don’t be shy or embarrassed, you are not a burden - you are just a human with feelings. The world is better when we understand where to meet each other each day.

You might find it helpful to start off your meetings today or this week with someone we do at my job: “our one word” we call it.

We go around, say how we are feeling in one word and explain a bit. Try it out.

And thank you so much to everyone who reached out and sent over encouraging and helpful words.

The other lesson I learned was that it’s not the pre-op (anesthesia) I should worry about… it was the post-op (coming out of anesthesia) lol… so basically I learned you might be psyching yourself out over something that is not even the problem.

verything I put into my body during this recovery is so important. My meals must be high protein, with nothing processed and include lots of fruits. I’m also on strong antibiotics for a few days and to make sure my gut is not being destroyed by these medications, I’m taking Ameo Life Probiotics.

I found out a pretty crazy fact that 92% of probiotics can't survive the stomach's harsh environment & are flushed out of your body without any benefits. Ameo Life Probiotics actually have patented technology that allows the good bacteria (you are spending money on) to stay alive in your stomach and do its job.

I can’t recommend them enough for overall gut health!


Talk to you soon :) Happy Mondays Are Good Days!



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