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Hello my dear friend,

Ah yes, another year of Mondays Are Good Days :D

We’ve been celebrating this since 2018, that’s crazy! Thanks for being here :)

I’m not big on new years resolutions, but I do believe in reflecting on the past and setting some intentions, hopes, and achievements for a new 365 days.

Some years I draw on a blank page or use a guided worksheet to reflect & to dream, but this year I did something simple. I want to share it with you, and encourage you to do it with me, because I believe in the power of bringing your ideal world to reality by using writing, visualizing, and manifesting.

It works.

I used three colored pens on a notebook paper,

“2022" in red at the top,

in black, 5 categories: Me, Career, Relationships, Travel/Culture

in blue, bullet points of themes, embodiments, ideal scenarios of these parts of my life.

Some bullets are more specific and others are simply overarching feelings, but the point is to take control of what I want my experiences to be in this next year, to hold myself accountable to the deeper & internal work I want to do, and to take the first steps to make these wishes come true by writing them down.

I do this because it’s important to know what I want for myself and for you to know what you want for yourself. This way lets us live fulfilled and purposeful lives.

If you don’t take the time to reflect and check-in with yourself to understand what serves you best, what you wish to change, and ponder what else is more aligned, then you will live the same year for centuries!

No thanks, we’re always growing & glowing so we choose to be intentional. Next year please!

Set intentions & embrace a change for happiness to come. Write what you wish for down, it is the most powerful phase of the whole process.

And again while I don’t believe it takes a “new year” to make a change or get you excited for a better life, I believe it’s important to use these structured, on the calendar check-in dates to reflect on the past and check in with our future.

I am grateful for this past year, all my years before, and what this beautiful life has stored for the future.

Hard work, being open to change and a commitment to self-understanding & righteousness is your duty for today. Check in with me and let me know your 2022 feelings or how you feel after doing the activity I suggested.

I included my most recent Instagram caption and 2021 reflection below.

Talk soon :)


Each year I learn more about myself and I think it’s one of the most fun parts of living: understanding you. I commit to the adventurous life of the mind and I prioritize knowing myself deeper by exploring my thoughts; putting myself into new challenges & trips and observing what I like or dislike; checking in with my feelings, emotions, & anxieties in different scenarios and think about the why behind it all; I always move towards and focus on things that make me feel HAPPY and TRUE TO MYSELF. Leaning into what feels right and never letting circumstances that lead to self esteem or self sabotage issues be my reality for any longer than I need to learn to lesson. I believe we can control what’s happening and what comes next when we identify what serves us & then make decisions in that direction.

The more I know me, accept me & love myself… the more I understand my purpose & happiness, and what path/journey will bring me to peace. This allows me to love the present & embrace the journey of it all. I live happy no matter how much money, no matter where I travel to, no matter how hard the darker times.

At the very least this year has taught me that nature is my #1 source of happiness. I thank everyone who explored along with me this year 💛

I encourage you to explore yourself a bit more this new year… and to not be fearful of that journey or doubt it, don’t abandon it when you feel pain, try to understand it & grow from it. The challenge changes us 💪 and knowledge is power 🧠💡💛

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