Smoothie Bowl Recipe #gRAINFOOD

#gRAINFOOD (gut & brain food)

You probably won’t find a bigger #guthealth advocate than me. I truly believe in the mindset that #FoodisFuel and we must put good things into our bodies in order for us to be as clear, strong, and HAPPY as possible.

Try making this smoothie in the mornings. It is refreshing, light, delicious, and has an incredible amount of benefits for your gut and for your brain.

Smoothie bowl recipe bananas mangos rolled oats


- Mangos

- Bananas

- Optional: peaches or acai


- Spinach (raw is best but frozen is okay) (SO GOOD FOR YOU)

- 1/2 avocado (Naturally releases serotonin in your brain, adds to the creaminess, helps you feel full)

- Rolled oats (This is where you will get some more fiber and feel FULL)

- Optional: Nut butter of your choice


I typically use almond milk but sometimes I put Ginger kombucha tea (I recommend Healthade’s Lemon-Ginger) and I loveeee it.


Cinnamon & cocoa

Blend it all together

Top with cocoa nibs, granola and cinnamon

You can add more fruit on the top if you want but be mindful of how much fruit you already put inside of the smoothie. We do not want this to be too sugary! 

Smoothie bowl recipe bananas mangos rolled oats



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