Standards instead of Expectations & introducing you to the FLEX


Today’s message will be simple & I hope it resonates with you.

Absorb the words,

understand you are a part of a beautiful community that reads this message along with you. It is amazing that we all go off on our own paths feeling the same energy and support given to us with this letter, and apply it to our own hopes, goals, and dreams, while simultaneously affirming our existence in the one simple mantra that helps us get through: Mondays Are Good Days.

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Enjoy & I’m so - we are all so - happy that you are here,

Victoria & all at Mondays Are Good Days…

Ok, so we’re into the third week of February… January doesn’t really count to me as “the new year” because it has a little bit of December residue on it. I don’t think that “New Years” are “fresh starts” either - but I do like to take a moment at the beginning of the year and think about what I expect and hope to achieve in my upcoming days, weeks and months.

I think about the expectations and my standards for myself as a person and what I hope my life to look like. What do I want to do more of, what do I want to practice, where do I want to be better…

I focus in on what brings me joy, what makes me feel good, and what is important to my routine, rituals and livelihood…

For me, a huge part of my life is staying active. And you know that this is a huge theme of Mondays Are Good Days: that movement is medicine.

In addition, over the years I’ve learned to set standards for myself, instead of expectations - and supply myself with a system of habits, a toolbox activities and “things I can do” that fit my standard of life.

When I do these things, they lift me to reach my standard -

and what’s key is that I not only feel good because I am living in alignment with those standards, but I feel good because I am doing things that get me there - being an active participant in the journey to hit my goals and BE the standard.

This is important.

So with these two things being said: movement/active living & replacing expectations with standards…

I want to introduce to you a concept, and a new kind of perspective:

We're calling it... flexercise 🤸‍♂️💃🏽🧘🏾‍♂️🚵‍♀️🧗‍♀️🥊🙆‍♀️

It’s mindset on how we see movement & active living. 

There is no one way to be active or feel the medicinal benefits of movement, it’s flexible! All I want you to understand is that there should be a standard of activity you should hit weekly, and then understand you can hit that in so many ways. Release expectations of “I have to go to the gym 4-5 times a week” and replace it with: “I want to be active 4 times this week so I can feel clear and happy.”


Moving your body doesn't have to be sweating, aching, out of breath. 

It can be

Going for a morning walk to ground yourself

Dancing in your room to recharge

Walking on a path and finding a patch of grass to eat a chocolate peanut butter cup…


*Flex* your mindset on what it means to be active. And be gentle with yourself, but still keep you standards.

Let’s allow ourselves to be malleable to the effects of an active life: in our body and our soul, for our mental. Do not resist it - it is not as much work as you are complaining about. Seriously :) 

What a beautiful gift it is to move your human suit. I am grateful to my body every day - it allows me to live and be on this Earth. What a concept. 

And because that is such a miracle - be flexible, be gentle. Keep your mind, body, soul happy, supported and clear by embracing this “flexercise” movement.

Be less like… a crunched over, tension holding, one position, achy, cracking poor postured human animal. 

Be more like a... jello human :) 


Remember your life is up to you, entirely catered to you. 

How you spend your time, your favorite style of entertainment, leisure & excitement is *flexible* to you and your ways of living. 


If you don’t know your favorite way to move yet: start somewhere! try anything! or you can join me on a 20 min walk today with 25 mins of stretching/yoga in there as well - maybe I’ll do all that stretching in one shot, or I’ll set timers for every hour to do a 5-10 minute stretch while I’m working - maybe I’ll do it all!

I also have plans to check out a new gym as well, hopefully I can get to that today.

There are so many different activities and ways to enjoy life: find what’s yours and create a system that let’s you live to your highest standard, as your highest self.


I knoooow you got it in you - you will feel amazing once you’re finished :) Can’t wait to feel so good with you today!!

Until next week…



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