That sense of relief

Gooooooood day to ya :)

The sentence “Mondays Are Good Days” is so simple because I believe the way to achieve the mindset is just as easy. And it’s done by bringing awareness to how much control and happiness we can bring into our lives when we focus on the small things, those little good things in life.

I’d like to check in with you: Are you feeling refreshed & in charge?

I encourage you to playback what you did over the past 2-3 days.

Review the times you felt calm, peace and relief.

Have you… sat in silence for a bit, letting stressors settle and melting pain off your shoulders? Have you spent some time in nature? What about being active? Or maybe the opposite, were you resting? Have you laughed?

Have you made decisions to honor your true feelings and boundaries?

If not, that’s a problem. And it’s probably the reason you’re not feeling “Mondays Are Good Days!!” today.

I know, for me, when I’m letting all the little things pass by, not prioritized… there is a shift in me. I’m low, I’m complaining…

And it’s ok, because we can always realign, find that relief and reset.

If you are feeling GOOD, refreshed & in charge, then kudos to you 👏 I’m proud of you

and keep that energy up!

To feel that way you probably… had some fun, maybe did absolutely nothing but rest and reset at home, you could’ve done something active, spent time with family or friends/someone you love, did something to truly celebrate yourself and followed your gut - all of it/any of it to create and invite peace, relief and a recharge in your life.

You were probably focusing more on the good things in life, and spending less time worrying and trying to fix and figure it out.

Whichever side of the coin you’re on today,

know you can keep landing on Heads 👍 every day by tuning in and focusing on the small moments and actions that grant us good days.

By DOING the things that support your headspace, mental health, and your peaceful brain…

By participating in activities that relieve you of stress and make the worries easier to address and choosing to not…

By becoming aware to what does not serve you and saying no to it…

We open ourselves to more peace and relief.

I’ve mentioned the common and valid “little things” that usually make one’s day, but tune in to you and what makes your specific days special. Then make sure you’re prioritizing that.

My friend -

you are healthy and wealthy.

Today and this week, focus on the small things with intention, focus on how crucial they are to your Mondays Are Good Days.

I promise you that life is on your side, you just need to let it know that you’re there, working, manifesting and accepting its gifts.

You are in control, you are understood and you are supported.

Talk to ya next week,

Victoria :)

Things that bring me peace:

1. Aromas & essential oils are a part of my ritual to cultivate extra relief into my life. Lavender is the most peaceful scent in the whole entire amazing world, and I encourage you to gift yourself this soap product for 25% off! Don’t underestimate the extra element of peace you will feel using this while you decompress in a hot shower after a long day.

2. Mondays Are Good Days Mugs & Stickers: These reminders aren’t here just cause I like the saying. The words remind me of the mantra and the mindset I want to have and the life I want to live.

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