The confident kind of person

Hey you,
Confidence is a skill that is made up of distinct characteristics.
Someone who is confident “is” many things; they are not simply “just confident.”
Someone who is confident is:
bold, intentional, unapologetic, and they just don’t care about the possible judgements, the possible rejection, the possible loss.
People who “are”
emulate confidence because they do, they act, and they pursue
things in their lives unapologetically, boldly, and intentionally.
They are confident because of their:
bold actions
bold statement
bold questions.
They are confident because their bold actions come with no apology:
they are intentional and deliberate. They show up, they hold their head high, and they give it their best shot.
True confidence is not “in the wins” it’s in your attitude.
Not worrying about the “what if’s
what if someone thinks i’m weird,
what if i don’t win,
what if it doesn’t work out…
WHO THE HELL CARES. GO FOR IT. One thing I can let you know for sure is that you will 100% fail when you don’t try.
Confident people always, at least, try.
And when you add a little Mondays Are Good Days magic on top of it, by *believing and having a *positive attitude: you will see that there was nothing to be afraid of in the first place.
Your happiness lives within you as you passionately pursue; no matter how large or small the task, no matter the size of the audience, no matter how long you have left to go or how much you’ve accomplished before.
I want you to take up space today.
“Be” confident in those ways: boldly asking, unapologetically telling, standing tall, shooting your shot.
Life TRULY rewards the bold. The universe loves a person on a mission.
Like I said, as little or small. The list of “to-do’s” you have today: MURDER IT.
The amount of miles you have left to go: CRUSH THEM.
The confidence to pursue the day and accomplish a goal… it’s all there within you.
The end goal can be intimidating. But confident people look that finish line and say to themselves: “I got this. I’ll get there.” and then they ACT.
So today, and as you move throughout your week, practice the acts of confidence rather than just trying to “be.” Your accomplishments are made up of who you are, how you act, and what you bring to the table.
If you’re having trouble in a situation today: stop, think, and visualize confident YOU and how she/he would react, what he/she would say, WHO he/she would BE. And then take a breath, remind yourself that you freakin’ GOT THIS, and act.
Visualize your highest self and SHOW UP AS THEM TODAY.
Happy Mondays Are Good Days. Love ya :)

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