Thoughts vs. Feelings: it’s all in the way we frame it…


Hello my happy friend,

There is a reoccurring thought on my mind and I want to write it right…

which means it will take me forever to write.

Thanks for being patient without Mondays Are Good Days these past 2 weeks.

(I’ve missed ya… I always think of ya)

I apologize for the delay but I know you’re not mad: good things take time & all that.

I work hard to write and produce a complete thought (or I hope it comes off as so, lol) and you don’t let my words go out to an empty audience. Thank you for being a part of this, and all, Mondays :)

Anyway, to the theme & to my thought:

My friend, please accept this with me: we create more stress in our heads than what is real.

We have power, control and calm - and my following words will hopefully shed light on this fact.

I encourage you to practice today’s theme/lesson when you leave this letter and let it help you overcome anxiety, overthinking, and worry.

I feel so much success, “hard work paid off” & alignment coming this year for myself and for the people in my life (this includes you, of course).

I want your thoughts and mindset moving forward to support, and control, all the good that is coming.

I want your headspace to accentuate the positive and increase the amount of prosperity you are inviting into your life.

I’ll get started now…

May peace be with you :)

It is studied/proven that our language and the words we choose to speak can alter the way we perceive things and it can affect how our life happens next. I will break this down for you in a few lines.

But first: understand that based on the perspective & mindset we choose and based on how we react, we can/will follow a path to happiness and success in all your dreams…


you will stay… exactly where you are.


Think about it. Do you want to be in the same situation as now?

It’s ok if you do. There are places in my life where I am absolutely certain, secure, and the same.

But in those areas where you want more… you’re achy and you know you need it… If you want to move forward, lighten up, achieve more - you need to focus on your mindset.

You have to tell yourself you’re going to get it. You’re going to figure it out. The process will lead you there.

You commit to the work to make it happen. And you start to manipulate life like it is a crystal ball in your hands. You are tenderly and energetically placing your hands over your globe, and with control - like you were carrying puppet strings from your fingertips - you move slowly and purposefully to inevitably eventually watch all of your goals, dreams, and wishes come true. You find happiness.

My point to you is to understand you have major control over your life.

The other point is that you must accept the work you have to do to get it.

Half the work is done in the way we frame our situations, the way we react, and the way we let thoughts become our feelings.

We have been sort of taught and conditioned to connect our thoughts and feelings in a certain way due to the type of language and wording we use.

For example…

In English we say “I feel like…”

and then we say our thought.

We say… “I feel like this is not going to workout”

“I feel like this person doesn't like me”

“I feel like I can’t be successful”


are not


These are thoughts.

In Spanish they structure their opinions as “Yo pienso que” meaning “I think that…”

then followed by the thought.

So in Spanish & other languages, it is clear that what is said is just a thought.

But in English, because we frame our thought with an emotional introduction, “I feel like…”

we mistake the thoughts for feelings.

And when you live in this headspace, with this type of framing, you never process the emotion and instead, all those feelings associated, the sensations and the anxiety attached to them start to overwhelm you.

So how do we fix this?

First, surrender to the fact that you have so much control your life solely relying on your choice of words.

You already understand this, that’s why you’re here at Mondays Are Good Days :)

The previous examples of expressions frame our thoughts and encourage us to be more “in our heads” “in our feelings” instead of keeping us in our bodies and acting out of action with confidence & direction.

So, the next time you catch yourself saying something or thinking something like “I feel like I’m always behind”


and then switch it.

And that brings me to #2: Surrendering to the switch.

So often we want to stay stubborn in our bad mood, sad mood. Don’t be so stubborn against it. Notice your negative thought, then change it.

Switch a thought saying “I am always behind” to “I am thinking that I am always behind” and create some space between you and the thought.

From that space

you’ll feel… about 5 seconds

that opens up

and, naturally, gives you

to time to decide if you actually

want to allow this thought through.

You get to decide whether you want to keep it with you.

I’m convinced we’ve all used a dating app at least once in our lives. Think of it as the swipe method. The thought reads between our eyes, we decide left or right to keep it or leave it.

Most of us never make it to this space.

And instead we have been forced to live in the place with no control and all the emotions & feelings, as a result of the words and thinking we use for our life.

It’s not your fault. And I’m going to resurface a phrase my dad said to me quite often as a child: you better watch what you say.

Watch what you say!

Don’t let any random thought come into your head and then let it control the rest of your day, your feelings, your life.

No! Give yourself more credit than that, truly.

YOU HAVE POWER. Remember that crystal ball :)

Once you open up that space between you and your thoughts,

and you notice the thought,

it is then your turn to choose a different thought, swipe left.

The only way to inactive a thought is to intentionally activate another.

Here it is again: surrender to the switch.

Switch and then improve your mood, energy, and vibration.

Remember what I said…

Good things are coming. And they will come faster & more abundantly when you open up the space for positive thoughts, better possibilities, and greater circumstances.

Work on this practice today. Noticing the thought, not allowing it to become an emotion, and then letting it pass.

I think you’re freakin’ awesome & I can’t wait for the successes coming your way.

Thanks for reading :)



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