Time is on your side.

Hey, I know you keep asking “what day is it again?”
Well, Victoria here to remind you that today is Monday. Yay!
So… how are we all doing here in quarantine?
Don’t answer that. Let me interrupt you with some awesome new #MondaysAreGoodDays branding that is going to make you so pumped for TODAYYYYY!

You say: “Victoria, that’s looks awesome!!”

I say: “Thanks!! I know, I love it too. You can actually thank another Victoria for this, she’s really talented.”

I’m excited that I finally got around to taking the time to think about what I want these logos to portray visually and aesthetically.

Sounds mentally expensive, and we’re all tight for the cash right now.

Except I have something money can’t by, and I have an extra few coins of it in my pocket right now:


I’ve been gambling with no money. I’m pulling the slots of the time machine, seeing if roulette will spin in my favor.

The world has slowed down and we are going to embrace this day as it is. Still with wishes for this to end, NOW, but also with a positive mindset, in our thinking and in our actions.

It’s all about what is DONE.

I KNOW there is a to-do list you’ve been rewriting for 2 months now because you never actually get the time to do those things.

Or finally you are forced to, because you never voluntarily slow down, you can experience a slow morning and enjoy some extra moments.

Use Your Time.

For me, organizing and creating helps me feel sane.

So I worked on building up #Monday business “things” including new branding (as seen), researched merchandising (and stickers!), and I sat in front of the computer for hours organizing my websites and portfolios.

Things like this… bring me clarity.

So understand that I’m not telling you to do something like start up a business right now (unless that’s been on your to-do list), I’m just telling you to start crossing off your list.

I planted tulips and listened to almost every single Queen album from start to finish. Time is on our side, baby.

Please - I understand times are trying, but because you are reading this right now, that means you have a device that keeps you connected, entertained and informed while you are safe and healthy inside your four walls. Let’s not add to the stress. The world can’t come back together if you are going crazy on the other side of this screen!

BECAUSE we will all come out of this - probably with a bit of PTSD (not a joke) - you need to be doing something good for yourself today because there IS a tomorrow.

Keep your mind active. Go outside. At the simplest, if you’re listening to my advice (which you are, hi, thanks for being here) I would spend more time drinking 2 glasses of lemon water in the mornings than perhaps drinking 3 glasses of wine per night.

This is what I mean. WHEN will you have the extra minutes in the morning to get some water, cut a fresh, cold lemon and squeeze it?! This is the time people!

After you brush your teeth, wash your face and make it to the kitchen, (whether you intermittent fast or not) start off your day with lemon water. Boost your immune system, speed up your metabolism, and start your day with some natural energy. Then keep the moment going…

Starting your morning off with something good (like #MondaysAreGoodDays) sets your mindset on the world and your perspective on yourself first thing in the morning. It’s important.

So here’s what you’re going to do:

I want you to write a list of 3-5 (or more, go crazy) things you always want to do but never get to do because of work, not enough time, you’re tired, blah, whatever.

You can look around your environment where you’re reading this email and see what you can work on today, or you can sit and think for a bit. Once you have a list, start with one activity or pick an idea to follow…

Have fun.

And good news! I already have something you can add to your to-do list

I provide the answers and the questions for ya. It’s just too easy for you to have a good day.

Because one of my own to-do’s was cleaning/purging/reorganizing my room (and properly disposing of all the clutter, not leaving it in suffocating piles all over my room/house), I am selling sneakers to raise money for a good cause.

I’ve collected a bunch of sneakers over the past 2 years. There was a time that sneakers, specifically adidas, was the only thing on my mind. I was obsessed!

I am donating the proceeds from my Poshmark closet to a selected charity each month. This month I will partner with local small business to donate food for health care providers in need. Maybe not necessarily giving food to the hospitals, but researching families that cannot have their mom cook dinner for them because she can’t go near her kids. I have to look more into it.

Now I’m rambling… ANYWAY ⠀

Shop Sneakers for Charity! I have already donated over $200!

Happy Monday & have a powerful rest of your week!

Much Love,


To the reader:

I’m working really hard to give the world something. To do something purposeful. To build something of my own, using all of my own “soul effort.”

I want to create something good.

I simply think that while respecting, encouraging and understanding others, while simultaneously learning about ourselves, keeping an open mind, and believing in the good “things,” we can make simple and positive change.

So do I want to change the world?

Maybe, but let’s start with brightening your day.

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