HOW TO: WAKE UP WITH ENERGY⚡️, Stay in Control Throughout the Day, & Go to Bed Easily

Hey my special friend,

I have a few special words for you today. Some to support you in the mornings, one to help handle a situation throughout your day/life, and one for bedtime.

I will present the affirmation to you, explain how it helps me and my mindset, and give you examples on how to implement - because that’s the most important: actively making a change to create something better.

And… You’ve already started the momentum by opening up this email and being present here, so why not keep going?! IMPLEMENT!

I’m really happy you decided to join us today :) Let’s get into it. Happy Mondays Are Good Days 💛


I don’t know what it is lately but I wake up sooo “foggy” (as I like to call it) in the mornings. Not ideal, especially on a Monday morning and honestly not the way I want to feel when I wake up. What about you? Do you feel this way, too?

Yeah? Well then my next question is: do you want to stay feeling like this all day, too?

Hell no! Let’s fix this. When I wake up and my head is in a fog, I use my first 10-15 minutes of my day to get energized and turn the trajectory in a different direction. What’s great is that this practice is easy & effective, just a few steps; all you have to do is invite it into your morning routine and believe in it.

Here’s how it goes: When I wake up & I sit up in my bed and I feel a cloudy head… the millisecond after I realize I’m foggy, I speak this to myself: “I am energized.”

or “I have energy” or “I AM energy.” use whichever feels best for you.

Even if it’s not true, yet, I say it.

Then I touch only my toes on the ground, I move gently and slowly, and I stretch the arches of my feet, and I say it again: “I am energized.”

I’m still a fog now, but I’m a little bit more awake. So I move to the sink to brush & wash. I try to remember to repeat my energy words in my head as I walk.

Now, this is where we make the energy real & I swear this is the game changer:

I usually brush my teeth first. As I brush I stretch the arches of my feet again, I roll my ankles, move my weight to my heels and spread my toes out really wide, I move my hips around/start to open them up... all as I’m brushing. MOVE THAT BODY!

Then as I wash my face, I repeat my affirmation a few times. Cold water, good thoughts.

Once you’re finished washing, take a few breaths, repeat your words, and BAMMMMMMM BABY, it’s done. You’re now a streak of lightning. ⚡️ 

Fog is gone, evaporated out of the pores of your body by your own sunshine. It’s truly that easy.

I promise you this will help.

This combination of self talk, movement, setting intentions, and waking up of the mind/body ACTIVATES the energy you have inside of you, in between every synapse, every cell, and every piece of flesh & emotion you own. And all it took was 10 minutes. You were going to brush & wash anyway, why not have to launch you into a beautiful day? Trust me.

The only reason why this wouldn’t work is if you decide you want to stay a grog today… which… is not something we decide to do around here so… don’t do that. Easy.

Implement this practice into your today and your everyday.


And maybe you’re saying, “Victoria, I have to do x, y, z today and none of it is fun and I don’t want to do it.” BUT all of that will be so much more approachable once you do this practice and are now AWAKE, ALIVE, and ENERGIZED. You have to set yourself up for success.

Go kick some ass :)

Instead of an “I am” affirmation, we have a question that can be used throughout your day. This can be applied to an overflowing toilet, anxiety you’re experiencing from a weird text from your boss/client, or simply apply it to any unexpected situation.

The question will help you figure out what you need to do next… where you can find control.

We can’t let the “things of today” get in the way of our energy and positivity. When something doesn’t go according to plan instead of shutting down, instead of letting sadness, anger or frustration take over you, just ask yourself “how can I get this situation under control?”

An answer will come if not immediately, within the next 2 minutes. Use that beautiful brain of yours, show the world (and your boss) WHO’S BOSS.

The world, and those around you, appreciates a logical, “let’s figure this out” soul.

Be that person today.

Get it under control.

And lastly, to round everything out… bedtime 😴

With lots of energy still buzzing in your head from the waking day, and thinking about what’s to come tomorrow, it can be hard to shut a brain off.

But I’ve started shutting my eyes and giving myself permission to go to bed now.

Besides everything that happened today, regardless of tomorrow: “you can rest now.”

In four short words it says, “you have done everything you can today. there is nothing more to worry about, to think about, and nothing more to be in this moment… and for the next few hours. you deserve a beautiful sleep.”

It really solidifies that despite everything else, there is nothing left for me to do today except sleep. So I should.

This affirmation is gentle and kind. Something we don’t treat ourselves with too often. The combination of giving yourself permission, making peace with the fact that there is nothing else to do now except rest, and ending your day with warm and gentle self love will help you fall asleep more easily and even deeper.

Good day and good night :)

And there you have it. 1, 2, 3 for a beautiful day :) Enjoy & let me know how these help you.

Thanks for reading :)



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