Ways You Are Probably Ruining Your Life

Ways You Are Probably Ruining Your Life

1. Snoozing your alarm and waking up 1-2 hours later than originally planned

Ooooo I used to be like this. It was bad. Not to mention I would wake up with a horrible headache when I snoozed my alarm 14 times and then spend the entire rest of the day foggy, irritable and annoyed.

That’s not what we want from our Today. 

Set your intentions and set your alarm clock!

I get a lot of anxiety when I feel like the day is moving on too fast and I don’t have enough hours in my day.

I don’t like to be rushed, and I like to take lotssssss of breaks and eat my lunch and dinner in peace.

When I wake up late, I can’t do this because I have to cram TOO many things into a shorter amount of time. When this happens, I feel overwhelmed, stressed and angry. All emotions I deliberately try to avoid at ALL costs. 

So, to avoid this, I set my intentions, I wake up early, and my day is peaceful and productive. 

2. Self Criticism & Comparison

Focusing on your flaws and comparing yourself to others, tells your brain that you weren’t created with as many gifts, talents as the person someone else. And that’s not true!

You are you. Maybe you have some areas of improvement (which we all have, and will continue to have until the end of time), but that doesn’t mean you are allowed to criticize and compare.

All of your quirks tells a beautiful story about your personality, and every time you say mean things to yourself, or think you are not as successful or special as someone else, you’re dimming your light! And I want to see your shine!!

If you feel like you are comparing and criticizing yourself lately, I want for you to speak affirmations over yourself.


My life holds value and I have special qualities and a personality that adds positive energy to the world and to those around me.

I will not compare myself to others. I will speak life over myself when I hear nasty words and hateful thoughts - they are not allowed here. I was created with purpose, for a purpose. I will not tear away at my confidence anymore.

Comparison is toxic and damaging to you. Over time you will believe the lies you tell yourself if you continue to listen. Instead of comparing yourself with others, look within yourself and find the light that you offer this world. This aligns with today’s previous passage about jealousy.

3. Complaining

If you wake up complaining about your Day, then you might as well take a giant stamp that says “BAD DAY” and press it onto the calendar. Cause at this point, you haven’t even giving yourself or this day a chance!

You have a lot to do, I get it - it’s overwhelming. Some days, we just don’t have the energy. Some days, we feel heavy and we are emotional. But I want you to try. Try to have a peaceful and productive day. No complaining.

It’s a good day, remember?
You are a fighter, a warrior and a survivor. Tackle all of your battles today so that you can earn an enjoyable sit outside, followed by a long netflix binge accompanied by maybe some tacos. Mmmm, that sounds good.
And then, because you conquered this day and you feel SO GOOD, you’ll want to start again tomorrow.
Enjoy your good day, my friend :)

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