How to Get it All Done

Some weeks I’m high - waking up early, 5 workouts per week, so many projects - DONE!, everything completed.

Other days, I’m weak. Can’t get out of bed.

But why we are so hard on ourselves when we take a little break?

When our body is physically telling us, “we need to slow down.”

When you’re good, keep smiling and keep riding that happy wave for as long as you can.

And when you’re off, go inside and get some rest. Disconnect and put your needs above any pre-planned obligation.

With transparency and healthy communication, your deadline will understand.

Prioritize yourself. You always make extra time and re-arrange your schedule to make it work for THEM, but you never make a point to schedule in a little 30 minute break for yourself? Why?

I know you love yourself, and your life, and everything you have achieved and accomplished.

So why are you neglecting YOU?

I want your monthly goals to be “self-care” based and to cost you your time, not your money

Because the come down from the high is brutal if you don’t take these monthly goals seriously. You not only feel it in your body but it gets into your head. You start to doubt yourself, get frustrated, and you lose focus.

But this can be avoided if we set, prioritize, and follow through with these times and moments where we just focus on our own clarity and our own self-worth.

I want you to have a good day and a good month and a GOOD LIFE.

No one is going to force you to stick to your goals or help you “get it all done.” All of that is up to you.

And I know if you push yourself to hit all your monthly goals, on the daily basis you try your hardest to get it all done, and you prioritize your mental health, then you will have a good one.

So now we’re HIGH and EXCITED. But we have A LOT to do… how are we going to get it all done?

How To Get it All Done

So aside from your monthly goals, you still have a bunch of to-do’s and things to complete, deadline to hit on the daily.

How are you going to get it all done?

First, let’s think about what is going on TODAY and what needs to be finished by the time we mentally sign off for the day.

Make a list. Write everything down no matter how minuscule the detail, and definitely write in a “BREAK TIME.”

Next, think about what is due later on this week… that we can start to work on today so that we avoid cramming, rushing, anxiety and pressure.

Make a note of which deadlines are to come.

Going back to “Today” make a new list starting at the bottom of the page. Write in the last thing for the day. For example: “Workout 6.30pm”

Moving up the page, fill in anything else that has a set appointment. Add in the times.

With all your other “things” for the day: sending an email, applying, computer work, career duties, fill them in above any appointment times.

My list would look something like this: (I use abbreviations bc the actualities of the tasks are irrelevant)

Only two things have set times. But what about everything else? What do I do first? And how do I get this all done?

Well, I just begin.

I take a look at my list and I figure out which one I should start with. Usually, it’s the one that’s been on my To Do list for a few days because I keep putting it off. I have the most energy at the beginning of the day, so let’s do the thing that requires the most energy first.

Usually, you’ll realize that task didn’t take half as much effort as you thought it would - and you spent more effort putting it off and complaining. Just GET IT DONE.

Once you figured out task #1, once you’re all complete, I want you to say: “Ok, what’s next?”

I’m a freelancer so I have a list of different things to do for different clients - but this STILL applies to you when you work for someone. You still have a long list of things to do at work today, instead of being overwhelm, figure out what needs to be done, get started...

And just keep asking, “Ok, what’s next?”

And keep going down your list, crossing off your achievements, feeling empowered with every “DONE!” and keeping that momentum up until you’re finally down to the bottom of the list.

Today, you already started with Mondays Are Good Days. That’s an AWESOME start and I’m proud of you. Let’s keep going and let’s get it ALL done!

Leave a comment and share your goals for this month with me!

I look forward to talking to you next week to see how you’re keeping up with your intentions.

This blog is an adaptation of the newsletter was written for Mondays Are Good Days on Monday, September 2nd, 2020.

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