What comes with some love & trust

It is understandably scary to step forward into the unknown.

To trust, commit, and nurture…

A new path in life, or a new person…

Will it be worth your time?

A new job,

a difficult conversation,

a new place…

Is this good for me? Can I do it?

Is this even what I want? How can I trust any of this?

The questions spiral and spiral and spiral…

But meet me here, bulls-eye in the center:

You can do it.

You’re more than capable.

It is/will be worth it and you should be excited.

Remember that life is always fun

and life is yours

when you lean into the discomfort. Accepting, and emotionally surrendering to all that comes with the task, and you are ready to absorb every moment beyond your leap of faith.

There is no recipe for failure when you move forward with love, faith & of course, a positive attitude.

Just remember before you make that jump: you remind yourself that you are whole on your own.

You have a soul and a smile so you will be safe & supported, always.

Now that you know you’ve got your back,

(and of course I’m here cheering for you, too)

make life interesting. Commit to living fun, make bold & intentional choices, and stand confidently in your life’s path.

Step into the unknown,

See how far you can go.

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