Remember that "you're already better"

Hey love,

I’ve been thinking about a phrase we often say to ourselves when thinking back on the past. We call ourselves out and judgingly remark that we “could’ve been better.”

I mean, yeah. You probably could have been. We all could’ve been better. 2 years ago, yesterday, we’re wrong often. It’s okay. Listen

I want you to understand that since you now realize that you could have been better, and you now see the bad behavior and the way a better person would have acted.

Because you realize this: you are now better. And that’s an accomplishment. A good thing.

So now that you are, a better person, don’t waste that or any more time.

Pick what you wish: to wallow in the shame and sadness and guilt and all you did wrong. Or… be better now.

Forgive yourself in the process, as you try to better. And act, today, tomorrow, forever, as this better person. Live the rest of your days actively being the opposite of that badder person.

You are



A friend of mine also had a little “Monday phrase” of his own (I actually really suggest you find one for yourself :)). His was, “Don’t waste your Monday.” And we can hear that here.

Don’t waste your Monday… Act, right now, as that better person. The one you want to be. Think about, write it out, figure out how this better person acts and what he/she embodies. From there, it’s easy. Now go ahead and be.

So while I realize that it’s hard to make peace with the bad behavior of our past…

trust me when I say the world would love it, and is cheering you on, to not get soaked into that sadness… and to instead be better now.

You have your own situation. Your own life. You know where this can be applied. Think about where these words can attached to your life.

Where could you have been better? Maybe the answer came to you right away… if that: start on the practice of being that better person now. in this moment and every single one that comes next.

You will be better and are meant to be, anyway, so stop holding yourself back in your past times. We can grow and change.

Despite the difficult cards, despite that life isn’t always ~easy~ remember that we cannnnnn manipulate things around.

That’s why we say: Mondays Are Good Days.

Cause it is.

Happy Good Day :) Be better than before.

Love ya,



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